Race Day Equipment & Nutrition

At Greg Jamieson's request from Australia, here is a list of all my equipment & nutrition during my Western States Race. Most of the stuff you can purchase either at www.zombierunner.com or at the WS100 store.

Shoes: New Balance Off Road 872
Insoles: Powerstep Pinnacle
Antiblister: Hydropel
HotSpots: Regular Tape applied with Benzoin Tincture
Sock Liners: EMS
Socks: SmartWool

Knee Strap: Protech
IT Band Strap: Protech

Shorts: Patagonia Ultra
Compression Shorts: BioSkin
Shirt: SmartWool
Cap: Brooks (modified with Velcro for Shroud around my neck)

Sunscreen: Protech spf 30
SunGlasses: Julbo

Dust Protection: Buff Bandana (can also be used to cool off)
Cooling Bandana: Western States Ice Bandana

Hydration Belt: 2 Bottle Nathan with one standard pouch in front and one in back (modified with extra Ultimate Direction Pouch for TP)
Bottles: 2 Ultimate Direction 26 oz

Fuel: GU Packs & Cliff Shot Blocks: 200 calories per hour plus food from aid stations
Sodium: Succeed Caps. 1000 mg per hour
Hydration: Water - 1.5 to 2 liters per hour, less at night. Coke at aid stations

TP: Baby Wipes (inside a ziplock) and Paper Towels
Poison Ivy Prevention: IvyX pre-contact Towelette
Post Race: Cortaid Toxin Removal Cloth

Watch/Heart Monitor: Suunto

At Night:
Windbreaker: Golite
Handheld flashlight: fenix L2D
Headlamp: Brunton L3